Lene Winther

Mail: mail@lenewinther.dk

(DK) +45 40 62 64 55


Selected exhibitions

”VISUEL”, GC Art Space, Linares, Jaén, Spain, 2019

”VISUEL”, Museo Nerja, Spain, 2019  

Kirk Gallery, group exhibition 2016, Aalborg, Denmark

Galeria Krabbe, ”Women in Art” 2016, Frigiliana, Spain

Galeria Krabbe, ”VISUAL”, 2016, Frigiliana, Spain

Galleri Inuit, group exhibition, 2016, Aalborg, Denmark

Galleri Oxholm, summer show, 2016, Frederiksberg, Denmark

North Art Fair, represented by Galleri Inuit, 2016, Aalborg, Denmark

Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, ”Schöneberger art 2016”, Berlin, Germany

Æglageret, ”VISUEL”, 2016, Holbæk, Denmark

Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, group show, 2016, Berlin, Germany

Galleri Oxholm ”The filthy few”, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordahl & Nissen Contemporary, summer exhibition, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordahl & Nissen Contemporary, ”Grand Opening”, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, group show, 2015, Berlin, Germany

Kopenhagen Fur, solo, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Galleri Sonne, group show, 2014, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, 3-D illustrations over the Novel ”Tyrepose” written by Cecilie Rosdahl, 2014, Berlin, Germany

Galerie Knud Grothe,  ”Humorisme”, 2014, Charlottenlund, DK

Energi Ministeriet, solo show, 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

KFA, Ridehuset, 2014, Århus, Denmark

Galerie Knud Grothe, ”Humorisme”, 2013, Charlottenlund, Denmark

Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, group show, 2013, Berlin, Germany

Galleri Oxholm, ”Mind the Gap” together with Hans Henrik Fischer, 2012, Copehagen, Denmark

Art Herning, reprecented by Gallerie Rasmus, 2012, Herning, Denmark

Grenen Kunstmuseum, 2012, Skagen, Denmark

Hillerød Kunstmesse, reprecented by Gallerie Rasmus, 2012, Hillerød, Denmark

Udenrigsministeriet, group show, 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

Gallerie Rasmus, talentudstilling, 2012, Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark

Galleri Nakke Hage –Bredgade, ”Opbrud”, særudstilling med H. H. Fischer, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark

Galleri Nakke Hage – Rørvig, Pinseudstilling, 2011, Rørvig, Denmark

Galleri Nakke Hage – Bredgade, sommerudstilling, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark

Galleri Bomhuset, with H. H. Fischer and Jakob Kristensen, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark

Galleri Nakke Hage – Bredgade, juleudstilling, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

DR-Byen´s Kunstforening, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Art Copenhagen, Forum, reprecented by Galleri Nakke Hage, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Galleri Nakke Hage – Bredgade, summer show, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Galleri Nakke Hage – Bredgade, group exhibition ”2+2+1+2”, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Galleri Nakke Hage – Rørvig, pinse- og sommerudstilling, 2010, Rørvig, Denmark

Helvetikat, ”Helvetikat går i kredsløb”, 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark

VK Udstillingen, Vestsjællands censurerede udstilling, 2009, Holbæk, Denmark


Kunstavisen no. 9 2015, Portrait written by Inge Schjødt.

101 Kunstnere 2012, written by Tom Jørgensen.

Represented in the current research project ”Spor i Keramikken and ”Keramiske Profiler” foretaget af A & A Holst-Schmidt.

Lene Winther, educated at Keramikskolen in Copenhagen, is a dynamic and diverse artist with advanced technical skills and with a recognisable mode of expression. She models her works by hand either in porcelain or stoneware and often combined with wood, metal, plastic or objects from everyday life and thereby breaking with the ceramic tradition.

“The Messengers” – porcelain – 38 x 39 x 30 cm.

Her works are expressive narratives dealing with dilemmas in a complex world loaded with paradoxes. At times she strips the caracters down to the skin by creating an environment where highly civilized individuals are placed in the middle of a political or ethical controversy. At other times she dives into more delicate and fragmented themes of existential, psychological or archetypical character. She invites the viewer to further inspection through massive use of symbolism, contrasts in material and the use of ambiguous titles such as ”Playground Zero”. Her mission is to inspire or provoke the viewer to take a closer look at the sculpture and to interact with it in order to transform it into a broader context.

Lene Winthers sculptures are scratching the surface, bursting the illusions and turning things upside down, showing us the complexity and contradictions of ourselves. They often refer to psychological, political, social and environmental issues but in an ambiguios and humorous way leaving nothing for granted. No answers are given.

“Content” – porcelain – 47 x 17 x 20 cm.