Mette Rishøj


(DK) +45 50 55 74 41


Solo shows:

2016 OPSTALT Galleri Christoffer Egelund, DK

2015 BLITZ Underdog Art Gallery, UK

2014 UDSYN Fanø Museum of Art, DK

2014 FRAGMENTER Galleri Hegnhøj & Blyme, DK

2013 UN/BOUND Reynolds Fine Art, US

2011 POWER TOWER Randers Watertower, DK

2011 ARTIFICIAL Galleri NB, DK

2010 GENNEMBRUD Galleri Appel, DK

2009 UVEJR Galleri NB, DK

2008 MECHANICLYSM Galleri København, DK

2008 BRÆNDSTOF Galleri Esplanaden,  DK

Group shows:

2019 VISUEL, GC Art Space, Linares, Jaén. Spain

2019 VISUEL, Museo Nerja. Spain

2016 VISUEL Galeria Krabbe, Spain

2015 The Artists Awakens The Underdog Gallery, UK

2015 Grand Opening Nordahl & Nissen Contemporary,  DK

2014 Opstillinger Kunstbygningen i Vrå, DK
Bredgade Kunsthandel,  DK

2013 Kunst i Randers-eje Randers Museum of Art, DK


2012 101 artists Galeria Krabbe, Spain

2012 Wheels Reynolds Fine Art, US

2011 Vilnius Kunstakademi, Lithuania


2010 Art CPH, DK

2009 Hans Alf Gallery, DK

2009 REAL/FICTION Nick Clifford Contemporary, DK

2008 Art CPH, DK

2008 BALTIC BIENNALE Manegen, Russia

2007 Elmer vs. Reumert + Selected Galleri Egelund, DK

Censored shows

2006 Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling, Kunsthal Aarhus, DK

2006 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie, DK

2005 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie, DK

2005 The Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg,  DK


2016 Viborg International Billboard Festival

2015 Byens Scene, Kongens Nytorv,  DK

2013 Facadeornamentation: Spar Nord, Randers, DK

2011 Book release: ’Pictures In The Rise – Mette Rishøj and the painting’ by Ole Lindboe

2009 Sold to Colas Foundation

2008 Cutated the groupshow:  ’ZOOM’, Galleri Esplanaden, DK

2007 Winner of the NBeX-Award

2006 Sold to The Copenhagen Art Foundation

Member of  BKF
Visiting teacher, Testrup Højskole + Engelsholm Højskole.

Owner of ’Malerskolen Rishøj & Pihl’.

TRIPPIN’, 50×65 cm, 2018.

Mette Rishøj is all about energy. Her individual works may seem playful or sinister, noisy or poetic, but are always teeming with an energy that fascinates or frightens – and mostly both. Her powerful expression evokes mythological themes such as the power of nature, the creativeness of Man and the destructive potential of his folly to create open-ended and highly personal narratives about the contemporary world that are deeply fascinating.

“Bishop” – 95 x 95 cm.

“Royal Flush” – 170 x 205 cm.

Through her unorthodox technique Mette Rishøj incorporates real-live motifs such as trucks, factories and ships as part of her works as a reference to our concrete reality in a way that mirrors tribal art and cave paintings but she introduces chaotic elements with contemplative qualities as powerful reminders that our world is ever-changing.

The works of Mette Rishøj are tales of epic proportions with an intuitive appeal that crosses traditional cultural boundaries and has seen her exhibit in as diverse locales as Russia, Lithuania, Norway, France, England and the US. Devoid of living beings the works of Mette Rishøj are maybe most of all powerful representations of contemporary Life in all of its grandeur, chaos and glory.


“Playfulness” – 90 x 100 cm.

“Byens Scene” – Ornamentation, Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen 2015.