Niels Corfitzen

There is no doubt that Niels Corfitzens paintings are the results of daily observations of life and the events that follow. In this process it is not unusual that there is a filtration taking place – that creates the artist’s identity in the universe that represents the diversity of visual arts. His paintings balance between an ambitious classical idiom and mantras from a modern culture, which thematizes the contemporary and civilized man's life and problems, often set in the prospect of a decaying world. With its unnatural environments and colorful galleries of personalities, the artist creates a state of mind and an underlying concern in relation to our traditional conception of the classic oil painting.

On the surface the paintings appear as small stills or scenes from a self-obsessed and ruined youth, who fight for the audience attention. A game with light and contrasts creates a concentrated presence and draw references back to the great masters such as Edward Hopper, PS Krøyer and Antonio Lopez Garcia. The paintings are created in many layers that allow the artist to have a dialogue with the work as it unfolds, which causes the process to appear naked to the observer. This method seems to create a pixelated and technological expression.




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Art Copenhagen 2016 – August 26th


VISUEL – Group Show – Æglageret – Holbæk – March 12th

Solo Show – Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard – Ikast – September

Group Show – Galería Krabbe – Frigilana – Spain – September

Art Herning 2016 - Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard



Scope Basel 2015 - Galleri Oxholm

Art Herning 2015 - Galleriet Jøgen Østergaard – Stand 200

Galleri Ramfjord – Norway

Art Copenhagen 2015

Galleri Oxholm – Garden of Uniformed Creatures

ESKFF Group Show - Mana Contemporary - New Jersey – USA



Scarecrow – Solo Show - Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard

Art Copenhagen 2014

Around The Corner - THE COPENHAGEN, New York, USA

Art Herning 2014



FRACTURED COMPASS - Solo, Galleri Oxholm, København

Human Fractions - Solo, Galleri Kirk, Aalborg

Art Copenhagen 2013, Forum 
Art Herning 2013 
Human Nature - Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard



Hans Alf Gallery - Captions, soloudstilling

Art Herning, kunstmessen 2012 - Hans Alf Gallery

Hans Alf Gallery - Fredag 13. - Gruppeudstilling, København



Brygger J. C. Jacobsens portrætudstilling

Mikkeli Art Museum, januar – marts 2011,Finland
Norsk Folkemuseum,  april – august 2011, Norge

Hans Alf Gallery - Sommer Udstilling
Afsløring af Jens Winther Jensens portræt (tidl. Formand for Lægeforeningen),
ved Domus Medica

Afsløring af Else Winther Andersens portræt
(tidl. Formand for OK-fonden og tidl. Socialminister 90-93), ved konferencecentret i DGI Byen.



Hans Alf Gallery – Solo - View York
Foredrag ved KMDs kunstforenings generalforsamling 
Copenhart Gallery - Urban living, solo, Valby

Brygger J. C. Jacobsens portrætudstilling
Ljungbergmuseet, Ljungby, maj – juli 2010,Sverige
Akureyri Kunstmuseum, Akureyri, oktober – december 2010,Island



Afsløring af dobbeltportræt af Prof. Chris og Uta Frith
ved Aarhus Universitet

Portræt af Arne Ginge 
afsløret ved OK-Fondens 40 års jubileum i Brøndsalen,

Nordens portræt konkurrence

Vinder af publikumsprisen,
Frederiksborg Slot

Copenhart Gallery 
Portræt nu i Valby, Separatudstilling,

Portræt af Svend Auken brugt som omslag på bogen
“Dét, Svend mener, er” skrevet af Hans Mortensen

Portrætter af tre professorer (Carsten Gyldensted, Hans Lou og Risto Näätänen)  - afsløret ved Aarhus Universitet.

Niels Corfitzen"I  Came Here - To Find Out - Why I Came Here" - 100 x 100 cm

Niels Corfitzen"I  Came Here - To Find Out - Why I Came Here 2" - 100 x 100 cm

Niels Corfitzen"Single Malt" - 120 x 120 cm

Niels Corfitzen"BLUE GLASSES" - 120 x 120 cm

Niels Corfitzen"FOUR DIMENSIONS" - 150 x 150 cm