Rama King Nash

Rama is a cosmopolite with Danish and Mexican roots, who sees the world from different perspectives. He was born and grew up in Mexico, currently he lives in Copenhagen but since 1994 he has lived in Italy, Mexico, Bolivia, Greenland, Cuba and Denmark.

His art is about seeing the world from new perspectives. His works are many times inspired in the borderline between the well known and the unfamiliar, the universal about mankind and what differs one culture from others. 

He works with almost any kind of media and becomes highly inspired by the technique or materials he work with at the time. For Rama King Nash, the creative process is the most fascinating part of working with art. Therefore he lets his works be strongly influenced by this process. Some of his favorites techniques are oil on canvas, acrylic on any material, enamel on steel or copper, etching, aquatint, linoleum, lithography, collage and installation.

Small dots dominate the surfaces of his paintings, he is fascinated by the optical effect that dots create and the vibration effect this causes between foreground and background.


Web: www.ramakingnash.dk

Mail: ramakingnash@gmail.com

(DK) +45 61 27 04 17 



”ENAP” kunstfakultetet på UNAM

Kunstakademiet ”San Carlos” i Mexico City.

Skolen for Billedkunst i København     

Scuola di specializzacione in grafica d’arte (”Il bisonte”) i Firenze.


Solo exhibitions

2015 "Mellem himlen, fjeldet og førden” Nuuk Kunstmuseum, Grønland

2013 "København" Galleri Oxholm, København

2012 "Sinfonías urbanas" Conservatorio Plurinacional de Música, La Paz Bolivia

2011 "Escenarios urbanos" Centro Cultural PetroPerú, Lima, Perú

2011 “Ude i verden” Galleri Rasch, Rønne, Danmark

2011 “Indtryk fra Latinamerika” Instituto Cultural de México, Hellerup, Danmark

2010 “Byrum". Galleri El Consulado, La Paz, Bolivia

2010 "Rama King Nash". Galleri Verland, Holbæk, Danmark

2010  “Vinduer til verden” . Galleri Jarsbo, Århus, Danmark

2009 "Rama King Nash" . Galleri Jarsbo, Århus, Danmark

2009 overlapning af indtryk”. Galleri 3s, La Paz, Bolivia

2008 "Rama King Nash". Galleri Moment, Ängelholm, Sverige

2008 Galleri Jarsbo, Århus, Danmark

2008 "Rama King Nash". Buderup Kirke, Støvring, Danmark

2007  "Rama King Nash". Galleri Jarsbo, Århus, Danmark

2007 "Rama King Nash". Galleri Mernild, Herning, Danmark

2006 "Prometheus gave", Udsmyknings projekt for Københavns Energi

2006 "Rama King Nash". Galleri Jarsbo, Århus, Danmark

2004 "Rama King Nash". Horsens Kunstgalleri, Danmark

1997 ”Cirklens magi”. Galleri Bossky, København, Danmark

Group exhibitions

2016 ”Overtro eller magi?” Artist Comando Mexico/Grønland. Katuaq, Nuuk, Grønland

2016 ”VISUEL”, Kunstnersammenslutning Visuel, Æglageret, Holbæk

2015 Summer in the city X”, Martin Asbæk Galleri, København

2015 ”Kimik” Grønlands Kunstnersammenslutning, Katuaq, Nuuk, Grønland

2015 "De Dødes Dag"  (I samarbejde med CkulturA), Nationalmuseet, København

2014 "De Dødes Dag"  (I samarbejde med CkulturA), Nationalmuseet, København

2014 ”Jorn, en familie dynasti”, Gimsinghovedet Kunstcenter, Struer

2013 "De Dødes Dag"  (I samarbejde med CkulturA), Nationalmuseet, København

2012 "Elle Belle" (med Atelier Verket) Belle Art Gallery, Danmark

2010 “Verket". Galleri arte 21, La Paz, Bolivia

2009 Kunstmesse "Art Vilnius", Litauen

2008 "Art Copenhagen", Danmark

2005 "Jørgen Nash in memoriam". Horsens Kunstglleri, Danmark

2005 "Art Cph" Forum. Frederiksberg, Danmark

2004 "Nutidsmennesket". Drakabygget Konsthall, Sverige

2004 "5. Nordisk Emailletriennale". Rønnebeksolm, Næstved, Danmark

2004 "Hommage til Kvinden". Miami Art Center, USA

2004 "påKant". Vesterbros kaulturhus, Kbh, Danmark

2004 "5. Noridske Emailletriennale". Kunstcenter Silkeborg, Danmark

2003 "påKant". Galleri Cristolart, Barcelona, Spanien

2002 "a + c". Casa del arte, Mexico City, Mexico.

2002 "Disposable impressions" .Performance i Documenta, Kassel, Tyskland

2001 "Drakabygget".Kunstcenter Silkeborg Bad, Danmark

2000 "påKant".Jyllandsposten, Kongens Nytorv, Danmark

1994 "Bocetos", Galleria La Luna, Tepoztlán, Mexico

Rama King Nash"Første sne over Christianshavn" - 70 x 70 cm, 2013

Rama King Nash"Copenhagen Blues" - 120 x 180 cm, 2014

Rama King Nash"Afterparty" - 40 x 28 cm, 2014

Rama King Nash"Calaverita a Posada" - 40 x 28 cm, 2014

Rama King Nash"Nuuk by night" - 40 x 30 cm, 2015