April 13 - May 4
Galerie Parnasse, Aarhus, Denmark

July 18 - September 15
Museo de Nerja, Spain


February 23 - 25 2018:
Kattesundet 10, Copenhagen, Denmark
Photos from the exhibition here

VISUEL & VENNER included:

Anne Aarsland
Gregers Albrechtsen
Morten Andersen
Peter Birk
Lars Calmar
Rune Christensen
Anne Juul Christophersen
Pabi Chulo
Niels Corfitzen
Håkon Engesæth Danielsen
Julien Deiss
Hans Henrik Fischer
Krestine Harboe
Tine Helleshøj
Claes Otto Jennow
Caroline Krabbe
Peter Max-Jacobsen
Rama King Nash
Heidi P
Jonas Pihl
Nadia Plesner
Rasmus Rinhack
Mette Rishøj
Ann-Lisbeth Albek Sanvig
Kristian Vodder Svensson
Mikael Takács
Lene Winther


Denmark, Kirsten Kjær Museum, Frøstrup, April - June 2017:

Exhibition title on the museum wall
Exhibition title on the museum wall

Opening speech at the museum
Opening speech at the museum

Visitors at the opening
Visitors at the opening

More photos from the exhibition "En usagt kerne" at Kirsten Kjær´s Museum on the facebook page.


One of the museum´s many rooms
One of the museum´s many rooms

Lene Winther talking about her sculptures
Lene Winther talking about her sculptures

Visitors enjoying the exhibition
Visitors enjoying the exhibition


 Spain, Galería Krabbe, Frigiliana, September 2016:

VISUAL Exhibition at Galería Krabbe, - opening on Thursday, September the 8th, 6pm. 2016.

Less than a year ago, I received an invitation from Anne Juul Christophersen, to participate in the group exhibition she curated. Participants included 15 emerging artists from the  Danish art scene. The architectural framework was Æglageret, an ancient egg warehouse in the old town of Holbæk, about 60 km from the city of Copenhagen. And so it was  that I found myself there, on the 12th of March 2016, under the heavy, cloudy sky, so typical of the North.

At the opening I met my fellow participants, and heard the inaugural speech by the art historian Trine Ross.The gallery was located in the attic of the old warehouse, white walls  in the makeshift showroom, under the exposed wooden beam gables. It was a very friendly atmosphere and the architectural contrast to the exhibited work was a visual experience itself.

High standard paintings, collages and sculptures of very different styles were successfully arranged in a poetic and balanced manner. Anne Juul Christophersen did an excellent  job of selecting the artists, who all contributed very interesting works, and striking techniques. Sculptures made by combining porcelain and branches, pictures painted by the  traditional brush or spray, or a combination of these, collages showing contemporary social realism, and imaginary universes reflected on the canvases. Enough material to immerse the viewer for hours.

Soon after returning to Spain from my native country, satisfied with what I had seen and happy to have been part of that constellation of artists, it occurred to me that I could invite the group to exhibit in Galería Krabbe in Frigiliana. Luckily, Anne Juul Christophersen - and the other artists in the group, thought it was a great idea. And this is how the exhibition of Danish artists, VISUAL, got to Krabbe Galería in Frigiliana. Galería Krabbe is proud and pleased to open the door for the exhibition VISUAL by this talented group of Danish artists.

Caroline Krabbe

At the opening of VISUAL
Caroline Krabbe and Dorthe Steenbuch Krabbe at the opening

At the opening of VISUAL in Galería Krabbe, Spain
At the opening

More photos from the exhibition in Galería Krabbe on the facebook page.



 Denmark, Æglageret, Holbæk, March 2016:

We all have our own individual perception of the world, deeply affected by what we have experienced through life.

We all live in the same world, but reality is different for each one of us.
Reality is individual.

We perceive. We get impressions. We see what we want to see and sometimes we see, what we do not want to see.
We each have our own reality.

To be able to understand this world that we all share, - to be able to understand and to accept other people´s individual realities, we must first dare to open our minds, see within ourselves and try to understand ourselves and our own individual reality.

The exhibiting artists in the exhibition “VISUAL” all have in common, that they dare see within themselves and portray what they find. They visualize their own individual “reality” and show it in their artworks, so others can observe it, relate to it, get inspired by it and maybe even rejoice or become heavy hearted by it.

The artists and their artworks at the “VISUAL” exhibition have not been selected by colors or appearance with the intent of creating a beautiful and well balanced experience for the exhibition´s visitors, just like reality is not always a beautiful and well balanced experience.
Instead the artists and their artworks have been selected because of the depth of their artworks and the deep traces, their visual expressions leave in the beholder.

Without condemning or preaching, the exhibition “VISUAL” shows the exhibiting artist´s individual realities and their relations with each other in this world, we all have in common.

Anne Juul Christophersen

Trine Ross´ opening speech
Trine Ross´ opening speech

Anne Juul Christophersen´s opening speech
Anne Juul Christophersen´s opening speech

Visitors at the opening
At the opening

Fernisering Æglageret
At the opening

More photos from the exhibition at Æglageret on the facebook page.