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Pabi Chulo

In his artwork, whether it is performance video, sculpture or painting Pabi explores the way culture, science, and society interact with the physical body and what questions this might rise for the future of humanity. Pabi believes we have to redefine some of our future values and that these changes can be built on history, knowledge, and recognition of the disasters we have created. No matter if it is scars on our body, the nature, or society. Pabi does not believe in simplicity. He believes that everything is connected in a very complex and infinitely ramified world. In his artwork, he uses a mix of different elements such as humans, animals, nature, machines, and technology. Pabis paintings and drawings become systems and phenomena at the same time, in which the mix of known and unknown figures come to life and live and breed with and from each other. In his practice, he constructs, deconstructs, and reconstructs. It is integral to his creation process to be able to lose control of his materials and then win back the power. Much like reality. This brings a definitive dynamism and unexpected correlations to his work.


Master of Fine Art. Painting. San Francisco Art Institute.
Visual Art teacher, BA in Danish. Zahles Copenhagen

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016: Gallery Hjorth: “Kim René”. Horsens. DK
2016: Gallery Hjorth. “The Syndrome”. Horsens. DK
2014: The Chairmans Gallery. Durban. SA
2014: Galleri LABR. “Head Off”. Roskilde. DK
2014: Gallery Oxholm. “Interlooper”. Copenhagen. DK
2014: Aggregate Space: “Full Frame”. Oakland. US
2013: Galleri Wolfsen. ”Master of Disaster”-. Aalborg. DK
2013: The Mint. “Currency”. San Francisco. US.
2012: TalentHouse. ”Now”. Palo Alto. US
2012: Brood Box Gallery. Melbourne. AUS.
2012: Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery. “Simple is a Lie” Berlin. GER.

Selected Group Exhibition:
2019: ”VISUEL”, GC Art Space, Linares, Jaén. ES
2019: ”VISUEL”, Museo Nerja. ES
2016: Visuel. Galeria Krabbe. Frigiliana. ES.
2016: Art Copenhagen. Gallery Hjorth. DK
2016: Backyard. Gallery Hjorth. DK
2016: North Kunstmesse. Gallery Hjorth.
2016: Mix. Gallerie Jørgen Østergaard. Ikast. DK
2016: Visuel. Æglageret. Holbæk. DK
2016: Art Herning. Gallery Hjorth. Herning DK
2015: Gallery Hjorth. Årgang 2015. Horsens. DK
2015: Art Copenhagen. Copenhagen. DK
2015: Nordahl & Nissen Contemporary. “The White Room” Copenhagen. DK
2015: Gallery Hjorth. “The Birthday Show”. Horsens, DK
2015: The Jewish Museum. “The Moving Image”. San Francisco. US
2013: San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. “Brushstroke 13” (won 1st prize) San Luis Obispo. US
2013 Artbox: “120 seconds” Federation Square. Melbourne. AUS
2013: Gallery 110. “Cuba”. Sausalito. CA
2013: Diego Rivera Gallery. “Body Rhetoric”. San Francisco. US
2013: Art Herning. ”The Wolf Pack” Herning. D
2013: Galleri Wolfsen.” X-mash”. Aalborg. DK
2013: Diego Rivera Gallery. ”Sledgehammer Constitution” San Francisco. US
2013: Arc Gallery. ”Scarp” (won 3rd Prize) San Francisco. US
2012: Art CHP. ”Wolfsen”- Copenhagen. DK
2012: Diego Rivera Gallery. ”The Negotiation”. San Francisco. US
2012: Gallerie Wolfsen. ”Believe The Hype”. Aalborg. DK