VISUEL is a Danish artist association consisting of a group of Danish contemporary artists.

The group of artists in VISUEL exhibited together for the first time in March 2016, which is a beautiful ancient egg warehouse in the old town of Holbæk, about 60 km from Copenhagen.

The exhibition was titled “VISUEL”:

“We all have our own individual perception of the world, deeply affected by what we have experienced through life.

We all live in the same world, but reality is different for each one of us.
Reality is individual.

We perceive. We get impressions. We see what we want to see and sometimes we see, what we do not want to see.
We each have our own reality.

To be able to understand this world that we all share, – to be able to understand and to accept other people´s individual realities, we must first dare to open our minds, see within ourselves and try to understand ourselves and our own individual reality.

The exhibiting artists in the exhibition “VISUAL” all have in common, that they dare see within themselves and portray what they find. They visualize their own individual “reality” and show it in their artworks, so others can observe it, relate to it, get inspired by it and maybe even rejoice or become heavy hearted by it.

The artists and their artworks at the “VISUAL” exhibition have not been selected by colors or appearance with the intent of creating a beautiful and well balanced experience for the exhibition´s visitors, just like reality is not always a beautiful and well balanced experience.
Instead the artists and their artworks have been selected because of the depth of their artworks and the deep traces, their visual expressions leave in the beholder.

Without condemning or preaching, the exhibition “VISUAL” shows the exhibiting artist´s individual realities and their relations with each other in this world, we all have in common.”

After having exhibited together as a group in Denmark and in Spain, thirteen of the exhibiting artists decided to continue working together.

Artists co-operating as groups is a Danish phenomenon which in Danish is called “kunstnersammenslutning” or “kunstnergruppe” / artists group).

Working together gives the group of artists more economic freedom to work on special arrangements and exhibitions worldwide.
Also, when a group of artists work alongside and with each other, they inspire one another, making it possible for new ideas and visions come to life, that otherwise would have never seen the light of day.

Originally founded by Anne Juul Christophersen and 12 other artists.


Catalogue from VISUEL´s first exhibition