Visuel_Lab consists of the following 5 strong Danish contemporary artists, each with a speed in their solo career, plus a strong commitment to the common love child, Visuel: Pabi Chulo, Tine Helleshøj, Caroline Krabbe, Mette Rishøj & Lene Winther.

The artist group, formerly named Visuel, was founded in 2016, after their first exhibition at Æglageret in Holbæk, which was entitled Visuel. The artists were not brought together with an overall aesthetic in mind but based on the depth and ability of the individual artists to convey their story visually.

All participants were very happy with the exhibition and the group’s next exhibition was in Frigiliana in September of the same year, where one of the artists, Caroline Krabbe at the time, was involved in running Galería Krabbe. Here it became clear that the group had a really good collaboration and an already strong unity..and the group Visuel was formed. Since then, Visuel has exhibited together a couple of times a year at everything from museums to private Pop-up events that challenge the current art world. In a profession and environment that is otherwise characterized by independence and navel-gazing, there is great strength in community and cooperation …. and there are shorter from big thoughts to action when you lift together and inspire each other.

Due to the course of life, the group has meanwhile changed chairman, who is now Tine Helleshøj, changed its name into Visuel_LAB, some of the founding members have resigned, and it was with great sadness that the group had to say goodbye to the artist, Rama King Nash, who passed away in October. 2018.